Fido Crunch is traditional Nepali hardened cheese, similar to ricotta; made from Yak milk that is designed to be food for dogs. It is made in Nepal so the brand reflects “Himalayan”, “Organic” and “Dogs: man’s best friend”. We designed the logo, product packaging and corporate identity for the brand, we created the name of the brand as well. “Fido” in “Fido Crunch” is a generic name for a pet dog, this is used to create consumer friendly brand identity by personalizing the brand name.

We went for a color combination of Yellow and Blue because first off Yellow represents the color of Cheese; the product itself and according to color psychology Yellow is a color representative of food. Similarly Blue is a color representative of calmness and trust so we chose it to represent the Himalayas. The logo itself signifies the elements we wanted to portray; The Himalayas that is at the base of “FIDO” and the dog insignia. Overall look we wanted to give to the brand was a consumer friendly product that is organic and made in the Himalayas of Nepal.