Apala- The house of exquisite jewels is a stopover for jewelry and accessory enthusiast. We help Apala advertise and market their exceptional jewelry and heartwarming service.

Create it, Craft it, Own it: was an event where a master jeweler from India came to Apala and helped customers design and craft their own jewelry, it was an ambitious event taken up by Apala, and no surprise it was a resounding success. We executed the promotion and advertising campaign from start to finish. Taking inspiration from the event itself, we were motivated by the sheer uniqueness of the idea and the joy of people actually designing their own jewelry. Focusing on convening a rather complicated event to the general public is not easy so we improvise. With clear and candid write-ups alongside graphics that carried our message about the comprehension of the event, which as a whole was easy to read and pleasant to look at; made viewers understand the event and what it was about rather easily. That is exactly what we want.

Ageless Aesthetics of Apala was an exhibition that showcased jewelry collection inspired by the architectures and the artistic taste of the late by gone period of Victorian Era. Since Nepal has also been predisposed by the British Empire through 200 years of Rana regime; this event was a dedication to those artistic fragments that linger around modern Kathmandu city today.

“Ageless” was the idea that we had to capture and portray in advertisement and promotional campaigns, “heirlooms” and “generations” was the mode we chose to depict it. Colors like Gold give a feel of class and Cream/ Beige for a look of oldness and longevity like long-standing parchment papers. Garnished with Victorian Scroll Work, and texts and copy writing complementing our ideas and identity of our advertisement we have our graphic template. Starting off with teasers, promotional posters/advertisements then moving onto invitations and event branding, and finally the post event complementary works; worked for both our clients and the targeted audience.

The Teej campaign of Apala was as the name suggests; a Teej campaign extending for 3 days aimed at empowering women and longing relationship between spouses. Discounts, Teej celebration and another interesting element of the campaign was that certain proceeds went to ASMAN; a non-government and non-profit organization intended to support underprivileged women of Nepal. We executed the promotion and advertising campaign from start to finish.

Since Teej is an auspicious festival in Hindu religion, we have traditional colors and backdrop images alongside jewelry designs that were inspired by traditional Indian and Nepali jewelry as well. Teaser campaign was followed by invitations and newsletters of the event, both of which goes after traditionalism and bright colors. The write-ups, font and text also is rounded within the traditional colors of Hinduism.

Lover’s Lanes is a week long Valentine’s day sales campaign by Apala. This campaign focused on discounts and promotion of a new jewelry collection of 2017, which fixated on jewelries that are designed for everyday use; trivial, neat and clean. We executed the promotion and advertising campaign from start to finish. The theme was centered around Love and affection so our templates and advertisements have classic elements of “love” advertising but not too much as we do not like pictures all over the place, rather minimalistic designs with subtle subliminal messages. This is also the time when Apala changed it’s logo background color.